Educational Pathways

College Admissions Consulting

"Helping students find their own path to higher education."

The Expertise


The Principal Consultant at Educational Pathways, LLC is Dr. Loredana Harrison.  She received her doctoral degree in Psychology in 1992, completed the Independent Educational Consultants Training Institute program and has served as an Educational Consultant since 2002.

She has been a member of the American Psychological Association for over 20 years, joined IECA as an Associate Member in 2002, and has been a Professional Member since 2008.

The primary goal for Dr. Harrison is to find an excellent academic and social fit for every college-bound student she assists.

Educational Pathways, LLC prides itself in providing highly personalized service to our families.  We believe that effective communication within families is key to success in the college application process.

​The Process

​Educational Pathways, LLC is dedicated to demystifying and symplifying the college application process by:

• Reviewing each student's academic interests and goals

• Evaluating each student's academic, standardized testing and extracurricular records in an effort to assist them in identifying a well balanced list of prospective colleges and universities

• Understanding each family's financial plan with respect to the college selection process​

• Creating an organizational framework that allows students to take charge of their own application experience

Dr. Harrison regularly tours colleges and universities throughout the country and, as a former univeristy lecturer, has observed first hand the educational benefits of a strong connection between college students and the schools they ultimately attend, as well as the challenges of being in an academic environment that is not an optimal fit.

The Outcome

Our primary objective is to guide students in achieving an optimal match with a school that will challenge their intellects, suit their personalities and meet their family's financial goals.  This is achieved by:

• Working with a limited number of students in a highly personalized atmosphere

• Developing an individualized application plan that culminates in students finding their own path to higher education

• Communicating regularly with students and their parents during the process so that everyone is well informed and therefore better able to focus on those details that are most important in making a final selection that everyone will celebrate

Educational Pathways, LLC has worked with students in public, private day and boarding high schools throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and California.