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Educational Pathways, LLC is a Massachusetts based consultancy affiliated with the Independent Educational Consultants Association.

 We are dedicated to assisting students and their families as they navigate the college admissions process.  
Our goal is to make this process a positive experience by helping students to:​​

• Define their personal interests and natural aptitudes

• Focus their search on those colleges that are best matched to their interests and abilities

• Organize in order to successfully complete the application process
Members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association are professionally trained.
Professional Members:

• Have an advanced degree in a related field

• A minimum of 3 years of educational placement experience

• Continously expand their knowledge through professional conferences & workshops, and by regularly visiting colleges and universities.

• Pledge to uphold the professional and ethical standards set by our organization

Let The Numbers Do The Talking:
(Source:  IECA and the US Department of Education)





Of public high school students receive 38 minutes or less of personalized college advising

Of high achieving high school seniors hire an Educational Consultant to assist with the college search and application process

The average Student:Counselor ratio in public high schools reported by the US Department of Education

The average
ratio reported among IECA Members

Quality Time

Having the Right Goals

IECA members are committed to simplifying the college search and application process in order to reduce the stress associated with identifying academic settings that will meet both the student's and the family's needs.  

Educational Pathways is committed to assisting students of all academic levels and our definition of success is finding an excellent fit as opposed to simply getting a student into college.
IECA members are dedicated to getting to know their students well in order to clearly understand their goals and their needs in this next step in their academic lives.  

At Educational Pathways, we begin meeting with most students in their junior year of high school to chart a course. We then meet with them weekly throughout the summer before senior year, and continue with regularly scheduled meetings thoughout the fall of senior year until all applications have been submitted.  We remain a resource to the entire family until the first tuition payment is made in May of senior year of high school.
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Educational Pathways, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, age, disability,
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression in providing its services.

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